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Dog Walking Services in Carrollwood...

Also Serving Citrus Park, FL, Carrollwood, FL; Northdale, FL and Lake Magdalene, FL.

Most dogs need regular walks to stay healthy and happy, but that responsibility might not always fit into your schedule. Contact Paws to Stalls for reliable dog walking services in the Lutz, FL, area.

Regular Dog Walking for Your Pet

Though regular walks are highly recommended for most dogs, not all dogs have the same exercise requirements. Whether you’re the proud owner of an energetic husky or a laid-back pug, we offer dog walking services that can be tailored to you and your canine companion’s needs.

We’ll be happy to walk your dog Monday through Friday, at any time between 10 am to 3 pm. We offer our walks at the following rates:

  • $14 for a 15-minute walk

  • $19 for a 30-minute walk

  • $22 for a 45-minute walk

  • $26 for a 60-minute walk

We also offer a five percent discount upon the purchase of a weekly package.

Experienced and Safe Exercise

We recommend that you choose your dog-walking package based on the health, age, and breed of your dog. A rambunctious young border collie will probably require longer walks than an elderly dachshund, for instance. In any case, the dog walkers at Paws to Stalls have extensive experience with dogs and love them all. We’ll ensure that your four-legged friend gets the right amount of exercise and doesn’t overtire.

You can also trust us to stay alert during your dog’s walks and keep your dog safe from any outdoor hazards. We’ll be sure to exercise your dog in a safe and responsible manner.

With regular dog walking, you’ll usually find that your dog will be happier, healthier, and easier to manage when they’re at home. If you need regular or reoccurring dog walking for your best friend, contact the dog lovers at Paws to Stalls. We’ll gladly discuss your dog’s needs and how we can help.

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